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Political History Tour Belfast

Belfast’s past has been chequered and troubled, this is well documented. Now that Belfast and Northern Ireland is enjoying peace, the reminders of our countries problems can be clear for all to see with the wall murals and peace walls along with and remembrance gardens. The Belfast Political tour allows you to see the Real Sides of Troubled  Belfast. Learn all about the troubles , what it was like to live through them, what happened during the troubles and what it’s like now since the peace process. Our guides will take you to the most historical important and interesting sites of the troubles. We want to show you some ‘graffiti’ that tells so many stories.

As well as the Murals and Peace Wall, we cover Crumlin Road Jail and Court House. Witness to killings, bombings and escape attempts, These Victorian buildings have been a major part of Irish history for over 160 years. Convictions, imprisonment and even executions in evidence within the buildings. Seventeen prisoners were executed in the prison,

Pick UpCity Centre
LocationCity Hall
Duration90 Minutes
Price From£42.00
Additional Passengers£12.00
ChargeOutside City Centre


One to Three Passengers


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